Rubbertec Division
Rubbertec Company, Headquartered Columbus, OH
Company Profile

Rubbertec Inc. is a high quality, ISO 9001:2015 certified company committed to total customer satisfaction. Headquartered in greater Columbus, Ohio, Rubbertec has established a global presence helping customers solve material and application related problems. Potential clients having difficulty finding solutions and looking for long term working relationships will find Rubbertec to be a great partner.

Rubbertec is committed to the quality process. Our company has a well-deserved reputation for uncompromising quality and attention to detail. We continuously strive for improvement and efficiency without compromising friendly service or ongoing technical support. When you give us a project, you can be sure that all the details and logistics will be addressed. Most importantly, you will receive immediate attention on all quotations. If turnaround time and delivery are a concern, you can be sure that we will remain flexible and accommodating. We welcome the opportunity to build a working relationship with you, where the primary focus will always be to provide exceptional service and quality that will exceed expectation.

Company objectives:
• Reducing costs by better understanding our customers' application
• Listening carefully to our clients' concerns
• Working with our channel partners to provide solutions
• Incorporating technical expertise and experience

Business Units:
• Distributor O.E.M. and M.R.O. products (Rubbertec Division)
• Non-metallic die cut gaskets (Elledge Division)
• Specialized 3M Industrial materials (3M Division)

Markets served:
• Aerospace
• Food processing
• Industrial Manufacturing
• Transportation
• Automotive
• Government
• Appliance
• Construction

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